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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 76: Shoes

wear shoes that are one size too small. That way you will experience huge relief when you come home and take them off tonight.

you know that part of the Dr. Suess book about the Grinch where it says "his shoes were too tight" and they correlate that to his horrible mood?
Well make that book about a human and instead of green shoes make them pink. Oh and also make them awful/good at giving blisters. K. well now you get the picture for today's task...
so these (salmon? or pink?) babies were purchased in 2009 for my senior pictures, but because I don't throw things away and I hoard things, they have remained in my possession for all this time.
my mother laurel picked them out, which means they are exactly a size and a half too small - perf shoes to walk to the art museum in right?

but after about 20 minutes of museum wandering, I needed a band-aid, and then another few minutes later I needed a few more band-aids, and by the time 5 o'clock had rolled around, I limped to my car in order to safely drive my poor aching feet home for a sudsy bubble bath

I thought that after 8+ years of dancing and ballet and bunions, I could do this little foot task with a few grumbles, but no real pain, yeah well...

my piggies ain't thanking me for this...
but in short, the book was right. your feet do feel amazing when you take off the too-small-shoes. in fact they get this wonderful tingly sensation and you don't really care about how stinky/sweaty they are.

soak them in epsom salt and have a brownie. you deserve it.
 ps. don't judge my hairy toes...
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